Joe Colombo - glasses

Joe Colombo - glasses


Italian designer Joe Colombo (1930 – 1971) believed in democratic and functional design. Flexible and convertible objects and furniture meant to be used in many different ways – all for the benefit of the user.

One of these designs was his ‘2 in 1’ glass drawn in 1965. The design consisted of two separate glasses melted together at the bottom.

Now, we’re bringting back one of the ‘2 in 1’ – the drinking glass. Inspired by Joe Colombos original drawings, made in three shades of mouth blown glass.

Beside that Lyngby Porcelain brings also the distinct shape of the ‘2 in 1’ to life in an elegant and upright vase. Sizes and colours have been adjusted in reference to the original design and Joe Colombo Vase will launch in mouth-blown glass in four colour variations.


Drinking glass – small

Carafe – big

Mouth Blown Glass

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